GET THE LOOK // Lucid Charter's Radiant and Passionate Beauty Look

Make Up Tips // Hazal Öcal

New Arrivals' new collection, Chelsea Hotel, has opted for a make-up look that features purple on its dresses. Flamboyant, romantic and passionate...

We wanted to achieve the most natural and radiant look on the face while applying the distinctive purple color in the eye. That's why we easily integrated all the products with each other by choosing cream. Follow the steps below to get the makeup look of Lucid Charter in our campaign shoot.

1. Cleanse the skin with the help of cotton using Bioderma Sensibio H2O Mycelial Facial Cleansing Water.

2. Feed the Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre moisturiser to the skin that you have thoroughly cleaned with the help of a brush. Moisturize a lot, in this way the moisturized skin will hold better than foundation and integrate with the skin.

3. Use bobbi brown's BBC Pro Face Palette. Apply the colors that fit your skin equally all over the face with the Mac foundation brush from the foundation part. Apply skin-matched colors from the concealer part of the palette to the sides of the nose with the Mac brand concealer brush.

4. Apply the Sketch color from urban decay's Full Spectrum Headlight Palette to the entire eyelid, starting at the bottom of the eyelashes. Apply this color to the bottom of the lower eyelash in the same way. When applying the headlight, you can use the Mac brand's 228S Mini brush and the 252S Large brush.

5. Apply Lancome Hypnose Drama waterproof mascara to the upper and lower lashes after curling the lashes.

6. Apply to cheeks, nose and chin to give a natural glow to the face in the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate 01 Intensity One cream shadow illuminator palette. In this way, we got a bright look on the face.

7. Finally, apply the number 45 color of the Paese brand's cream blush to the cheeks, nose and lip.